Fine art portraiture | Ibiza portrait photographer

I had this project on my mind for some time now. And I am so exited seeing it coming out to light! This is the first chapter from a very beautiful series of women portraiture!

As a photographer I always wanted to capture with my camera moments that you'll remember for ever... As a mom I know that motherhood is tough and you put yourself on the second place too many times and you forget too often how beautiful you are, how strong you feel inside, how much you love life and how much you love you as a human being, as a soul, as a women, as a wife, as a mother, as a sister, as a somebody else's YOU! The women in me knows how bad we need sometime to make a short pause from all that is happening in our lives on daily basis.

This new project of mine is just about that: make a step out from your comfort zone, and meet me and my talented make-up artists to spoil you for a day! And you'll love yourself even more, And you'll love your kids even stronger. And you'll feel good again about you, your life and all that is defining you....An you'll love your pictures!

#existinpictures is a movement that encourages women of all ages to have their portraits done by a professional photographer. And to make it now...not when you will loose that extra kilos, not when you will have time to go to the beach to put some tan on, not when the kids will go to school and you will have more time. You deserve to do it now! Your family deserve to have the most beautiful pictures with you that you have ever seen! They will last forever!